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You know there are lots of great resources on the internet.  Do you ever think that if only you had enough time to really find out what's available online you'd use technology a little more? 


The following links will take you to some interesting applications that you can start using right away.  Help is always available in the library if you need it.


Reading Comprehension Strategy Websites

The Reading Lady

Into The Book


Thanks to Irene for creating these interactive websites lists:

Interactive websites Early Years 

Interactive websites Middle Years


Online applications:


Indispensible Tools Wiki  This Wiki features an alphabetical list of some great Web 2.0 tools.

iGoogle Sign up for a free Google account and use the many tools available to you including access to free Blogging, Google docs, easy web page creator and more.

Protopage Check this link for information about how to sign up for and create a free personal start page. 

del.icio.us  Using this social bookmarking application it is easy to create a list of website bookmarks organized by key words that you can access from any computer.

flickr Organize and share photos with this easy to use application.

VoiceThread Use VoiceThread to upload pictures and voice or print comments and then invite others to share their voice about your work. 

Slide  Create your own slide shows and upload them to your Wiki.  Check out this example.

Wordle Create "word clouds" from text that you upload.  Words that appear more often in the text will appear larger in the "word cloud".  This would be a great tool to use for a creative writing project. Click here for an example of a Wordle.

Motivator  Create your own motivational poster using a photo that you upload to this free online application. After you create your poster you can save it to your computer or to an online photo storage site such as flickr or share it through email.  View example. Motivational Poster

Big Huge Labs Choose from a variety of fun applications and get creative with your digital photos. View examples. Press Pass   Magazine Cover   Movie Poster


Reality Check




PowerPoint: Effective Presentation Strategies 

Evaluating Web Resources  

MovieMaker 2 Handbook 

Book Lists Theme related book lists. 


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